The original bubble shooter game was developed in 1995 already, and has been around since then, making fast tracks into a category of its own. Now you can find hundreds, if not thousands of different variations of the bubble shooter game.


It’s largely thanks to the growing technology that has made games like bubble shooter more popular, but most importantly, more accessible. Now, a game that could only be played by someone who owned a computer back then can be played by just about anyone with a smartphone now. Some bubble shooter developers have even made versions available to the ordinary mobile and other game compendiums.


Top that to the fact that it’s now possible to play en-route to anywhere. You can play while waiting in long queues, or while you’re traveling by bus or train, this makes it a popular choice for people all over.


So why exactly is Bubble Shoot such a popular game?

Our take on it is that it’s simplicity that  makes it favored by so many.


  • There aren’t any arduous rules to follow, which makes it a great pass time where you don’t have to apply much effort.
  • There’s usually no opting-in or downloading that needs to be done as most bubble shooter games are browser based.
  • The bubble shooter games are simple, but not without their challenging levels, which make it great for the player who likes to achieve high scores.
  • Many bubble shooter games have different game modes, meaning that the player can choose and set the mode according to how he would like to play the game.
  • It offers hours of fun, without the risk of taking up too much of your time, it’s a game that’s easy to pick up and easy to put down again without much hassle.