Keeping up with the tough pace of work is not always easy and to keep productivity at its best, you have to ensure that you balance work and play well. Whether you like action-packed adventure games or the steady pace of card games, taking a break and playing some recreational games can be extremely good for you.


The fact of the matter is that we all need to wind down at some point or another. Going at full speed 24/7 can be damaging to your body, mind and spirit. Relaxing for a moment can also take your mind off problems you may be facing, allowing you a clear mind to deal with the issues after you’ve taken some time out.


That’s why playing games are so helpful, they’re excellent stress relievers. Plus you’re spoilt for choice with so many genres to choose from.


Some suggestions for relaxing games


Match 3 games

Some match 3 games offer a bit of a story or an adventure for you to follow while you play. This takes the game from being a simple puzzle game to being engaging and entertaining while offering you the opportunity to be involved.


Bubble Shooter

There is a subtle mix between strategy and puzzle with the games in the bubble shooter genre.  But almost all of these games are stress-busters and can be wholeheartedly satisfying to play.


Card Games

There are tons of different card game variations, and each one is more captivating than the next. These games can keep you busy for hours as they’re typically not set, meaning you’ll get a whole new combination of cards for each new game.


Relaxing at work, should be kept to the times specifically provided for a break. Luckily lunch time is more than enough time to squeeze in a light game of Bubble Shooter. Try it out next time you feel too much tension.