Can you remember a time when you would break out the board games and snacks to spend some time with the family? Those were truly treasured moments. Nowadays just about everything is online. That doesn’t mean that family time is dead, it just means that family time has adjusted to something different and now includes a few different toys.


There’s a ton of great games for kids on the market for just about any device you can think of. Hey, if you’re old school there’s still a ton of board games on the market too.


Choosing a game is often the fun part, getting to try out something new is always great. Knowing the types of game genres can help you when deciding on what game you want to play.


Time Management

Time management games are excellent games for kids from about 8 years and up. Most of the time management games follow an awesome story line. Often time management, simulation and strategy and adventure is combined for hours of fun competition, trying to beat the clock.


Simulation and Strategy

Strategy games require a train of logical thinking to have the best outcome and eventually win the game. This sort of game is great for kids 8 years and up, but some might be rather challenging for the younger child.


Some simulation games should be reserved for older kids, however, there are a few simpler games suited to young kids. A parent might have to help a very young child find the perfect game suited to their skills.


Hidden Object

This game genre is excellent even for younger kids, who love to look for lost things. Typically these games include a bit of adventure, so there is a great story behind the game making it interesting and exciting to follow.


Puzzle & Card Games

Puzzle and card games alike usually require a bit of strategy, so most of these you’ll find in the strategy category too. Depending on the type of card game, these games are not usually suited to very young kids. Generally a child from 8 and up can play this game.


Action and Adventure games

Action games require quite a lot of hand-eye co-ordination and usually play out in the form of an adventure story. Most of these games are suited to the older child and teen.