Your all time favorite online game is back in a different new face.

Bubble Shooter is here and in sport edition. This is not your ordinary game of bubble shooter. Here the player is not shooting colored bubbles but we give you a different look and style. From the word sport edition itself instead of ordinary colored bubbles you will be facing different kinds of balls from different sports.

Same rules apply with sport edition. Here the balls that you will be using are basketball, soccer ball, football, billiard ball, softball, baseball, volleyball and more. All you need is to destroy all the same group of balls and colored until you eliminate all the balls that you can see. At least group the balls that are the same in three. After destroying all of it you will go to the next level. As you go to the next level it gets more difficult.

Remember the more balls you destroy in one shooting the higher the score you will get. Beware that in time to time there will be tilting happening to make it more challenging for a player during while shooting. Make sure do not let the ball touches the bottom or it will be game over.

If you feel the bubble shooter that uses colored bubbles is fun you will surely love the Sport Edition Bubble Shooter. Sport lovers will surely love this edition.

Have fun destroying all the balls that you can see.